Democrats’ disastrous mistake on abortion / Jill Filipovic –

The Democratic party has said it would be open to backing anti-abortion candidates. It’s an option that should not even be on the table, is an insult to women and a losing strategy, writes Jill Filipovic, which I totally agree with.

My favorite passage from her wonderful Op-Ed :

Feminists focus on reproductive rights for good reason: a woman’s ability to decide for herself when and if to have children shapes much of the rest of her life — whether she completes her education, whether she marries for love, whether she parents when she feels adept and ready, whether she fulfills her professional potential, and whether she’s able to follow her own personal path wherever it leads.
Supporting laws that give the state the power to compel women to continue pregnancies is misogynist and illiberal. Expecting Democratic politicians to stake out clear ground on abortion rights is not a “purity test” or a difference in opinion on policy or efficacy, like divergent views on the best ways to reduce inequality or suggesting we should repair the ACA before promoting a single-payer system.
It’s a basic question of human rights: Are women sovereign citizens in our own bodies? If your answer is no, the Democratic Party shouldn’t fund your campaign.

Source: Democrats’ disastrous mistake on abortion (opinion) – CNN


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