The Resistance / My Poetry

Trump, Donald Trump, Resist, Resistance, March, Against

these are the times that
try men’s souls indeed
I tell myself
just keep calm and breathe
and resist, resist, resist
these are the waking hours and
no one has a monopoly on anger
we have it
we are the inheritors
the everyday warriors
the true patriots
not the sunshine ones
and when the smoke clears
we will still be here
just like we have always been
we will survive the assaults
lick our wounds
and bite back
if it is a war
they want
its a war we will give them
we will be merciless
and resilient
Trumpies and Righties
get used to it
and expect us
we are the future
your future
America’s future
we are the resistance


This poem was originally published on Feminine on 1-30-17.


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