My Favorite Definition of Feminism / From My Notebooks


One of my favorite writers and social commentators, bell hooks , said in her iconic book, Feminism for Everybody : Passionate Politics ( 2000 )  when defining feminism as a movement that  “Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” This remains my favorite definition of the cause because of the way it succinctly encompasses its broad scope and appeal. The feminist movement is always under constant attack, sometimes in a virulent way, from individuals who either fail to understand this definition or who fail to agree with its goals. One of the best ways that we, as feminists, can fight back against these often times sexist and misogynistic aggressors and reactionaries is to clearly stick to a definition like bell hooks gave us. We can never let our enemies define us or categorize us, because to do so is to surrender control of the societal conversations that have to be held for things to change for the better. Fight and define, brothers and sisters, fight and define.

For a free download of this book click here : Feminism for Everybody : Passionate Politics




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