Some Favorite Images From Director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman

Like a lot of movie and pop culture fans, I currently can’t get enough of director Patty Jenkins‘ latest film,Wonder Woman. In the light of this, here are some of my favorite images of the stunning Gal Gadot from the movie that has already become one of my all – time favorites.




























2 thoughts on “Some Favorite Images From Director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman

  1. John, our family went to see Wonder Woman on Father’s Day. Omg, I loved it so much, as did my daughter. We can’t stop talking about it. My son and husband aren’t usually fans of superhero movies, but both said WW was the best superhero film they’ve ever seen. I cried several times, but had lots of tissues in my purse and wore waterproof mascara! I can’t imagine anyone being a better WW than Gal Godot. She’s so gorgeous, but is also funny, and sincere, and wonderful in so many ways. It’s as though she was born to play that role. I need to see it again soon!

  2. johnmichaelantonio

    Mary, so glad that you were able to see it ! I saw it for a second time on Father’s Day myself, along with my wife and youngest son. I totally agree with you about Gal Gadot. She was the absolutely perfect choice for the role. Her ability to convey the emotions of the moment from scene to scene is astounding. I can’t stop talking about it or posting about it myself. LOL. I have been wanting to write more / post more about the ways women are portrayed in movies and WW gives me a perfect chance to begin to do just that. As always, my friend, I deeply appreciate and welcome your comments and feedback. I will probably be posting / writing about WW all summer long, with the possibility of submitting a piece to Julie for FC. My “day job” work schedule is making writing a bit more challenging these days, but I will find a way ( I always do ).

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