Why Women Are Crying During ‘Wonder Woman’ Fight Scenes / Kelsea Stahler / Bustle.com

The opening paragraph from this great piece of writing form Bustle.com writer Kelsea Stahler :

The scene: A besieged town on the Western Front during World War I. German soldiers are holding strong, and out of the shadows comes Diana Prince, deflecting bullets with her gauntlets and shield, bursting through walls and taking down every enemy in her way as her theme song swells menacingly amid the action. The reality: Me, sitting in a dark theater, enjoying every second of this alternate reality with very real, yet seemingly inexplicable tears streaming down my face. It seemed kind of insane in the moment, but it’s not just me: lots of women are crying during Wonder Woman fight scenes.

Source: Why Women Are Crying During ‘Wonder Woman’ Fight Scenes


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  1. Mary Rowen says:

    Haven’t seen WW yet, John but now I REALLY want to. Thanks for this.

    1. johnmichaelantonio says:

      I get chills just looking at the trailer Mary. I haven’t seen it myself yet, I just fell so much in love with the review that I felt the need to repost it. 🙂

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