Men of Quality Support Gender Equality / Damsel In Dispute

Wonderful post from the blog Damsel In Dispute about the Women’s March on Washington and the need for more men to get involved with the cause of feminism.

Damsel In Dispute

Seeing even only a handful of men in the crowds at the Women’s March in Washington DC and worldwide has given me so much hope for mankind. Yes, some have said that the Women’s March didn’t need the attendance of men, and some have gone as far as to say men shouldn’t have been in attendance at all. But I say the fact that there were more than one or two men worldwide who decided to march for the opposite gender is a victory for feminist fighters everywhere. Emma Watson, feminist, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and founder of HeForShe, who was in attendance at the March in DC, would agree with me.

“Emma Watson ignores barricades to greet marchers at #WomensMarch” (Twitter= jennyjusuf)

Emma Watson introducing HeForShe in 2014 (HeForShe)

To those who haven’t heard of HeForShe, it’s a campaign that Emma Watson initiated in 2014, which addresses…

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