To the Brave 22 Women Who Told Us What Trump Did to Them / Feminist Asian Dad-Eugene Hung

A powerful post from writer and blogger Eugene Hung , the Feminist Asian Dad , celebrating the courage of the 22 women who came forward and spoke out against the acts of sexual misconduct that were committed against them by Donald Trump. The piece ends with these soaring words:

I do not know how or when the great injustices that have been done to you – the sexual violations, the years of pain, the retraumatization through public smears and vile threats – will be made right. I have faith that they one day will. Yet in the meantime, please know that you, and what you have been through, have not been forgotten as the political process and news coverage have moved on. Many millions of us believe you, the 22 that have spoken.

Temple, Jessica L., Rachel, Natasha, Mindy, Cassandra, Jill, Nancy, Kristin, Summer, Cathy, Karena, Ninni, Tasha and the other 2001 Miss USA contestant, Bridget, Jessica D., Mariah and Victoria and the three other 1997 Miss Teen USA contestants, we see you. We stand with you and with the others whose stories we have heard, but who have declined to speak publicly at this time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking out. Your courage inspires ours as we rededicate ourselves to holding him and all abusers accountable, and to stopping violence against women and girls in every community, all over the world.

Source: To the Brave 22 Women Who Told Us What Trump Did to Them – Feminist Asian Dad


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