Prince Took Us to Places We Never Knew Existed / Henry Rollins /

Henry Rollins: Prince Took Us to Places We Never Knew Existed | L.A. Weekly

Of all the the tributes I read following Prince’s death this past year, this piece by Henry Rollins , for his L.A. Weekly column,  was one of my favorites. 

His three fantastic closing paragraphs sum up a lot of my emotions as well  :


Prince, like all great musicians, was able to take you to places you never knew existed. For that, you can never thank him enough. You can pay it back by playing the music.

I think Prince, like a lot of the best artists, kept his nonperformance life close to the vest. When the lights were up and it was showtime, he brought one of the most convincing A-games there has ever been. That’s what it’s all about.

No one lasts forever, but music never dies. With Prince’s death, there is reason to mourn, but with all that music, there’s far more cause to celebrate. Prince put his entire life into those songs. He didn’t “leave them behind.” He wrote them for you to play right now. There it is: Miss the man, but get down with the jams.


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