Trophy. I have always been one. – Julie Anderson / Feminine Collective

Photo Credit: Paul Empson

Source: Trophy. I have always been one. – Feminine Collective

One of my favorite posts from one of my favorite writers, the former supermodel turned editor and publisher Julie Anderson, in which she powerfully describes what her life has been like as a ” trophy girl who has grown into a trophy woman”. My favorite passage:

Even now, it is a rare day that I can have a conversation with a man, married or not, who does not secretly or overtly want to catch, trap, ensnare, keep, control and devour me.

The dust has built up, encasing my heart. Jaded? Yes, I am. Hopeful and trusting, still. Why share this with you? Because every time you see a beautiful woman on the arm of a man, or alone somewhere in public, I want you to remember that she is not just flesh. She is more than her outside reflects, more than you can imagine. Don’t rob yourself of the privilege to know her by thinking of her as a snack. She is someone’s daughter. She is still a little girl in her heart.  She is more than a trophy to be paraded around as your dick extension.


I have always been one.


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