Promises in the Dark – John Michael Antonio / Feminine Collective

Source: Promises in the Dark – Feminine Collective

This is an original poem of mine originally published on Feminine on 10-3-16 . It was inspired by the exuberance of youth, hope and love that I felt when I fell in love with my wife in the Spring and Summer of 1987. 29 years later, I can wonderfully say that our affection for each other still burns bright and strong.


Promises in the Dark


As OMD still sings
about hopes and dreams
and the ephemeral
light of summer fades
I know my love
for you never will

Oh baby
those nights
we disappeared
laughing and speeding
into the night
in my freedom fighting Camaro

The vibrancy of the moment
telling us that we were
born to be alive

Reaching that sacred summit
champagne city below
toasting the
irresistible future
with the fresh
starlight in your eyes

You took my heart
and gave me yours

And I made you
soft and enduring
promises in the dark

I am yours
I am yours
I am yours

then, now and forever



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