The Revealing – John Michael Antonio / Feminine Collective

Source: The Revealing – Feminine Collective

This is my original poem “The Revealing” which was originally published on Feminine on 10-14-16 . It is a poem that speaks to the issue of men encouraging women to be themselves and to the issue of men being supportive of women in all of their endeavors. As the narrator in the poem explains, the two concepts should work in unison with each other.

The Revealing

along the road of differences
precious stones of similarities
are deliciously found
so please take  your time
you are worth the wait
slowly and surely
for the rest of our lives
reveal yourself to me
as I reveal myself to you
I want to see everything
hear everything
feel everything
about you
I want to shoulder your dreams
and push them forward
earn your trust and never have you regret it
catch your tears on my shirt
and smooth away your heartbreaks
make your enemies
my enemies
help you fight off
the wolves of everyday life
and watch you
win baby win




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