A Look Ahead at Trump’s Victory and New Culture Wars / Christian Viveros-Fauné / artnet News

Source: A Look Ahead at Trump’s Victory and New Culture Wars | artnet News

Written the day after the election by art critic Christian Viveros-Fauné concerning the new culture wars that are virtually inevitable under the coming Trump administration, he gives us all this stern warning :


If we remember anything from the era of the 1990s culture wars, it should be this—art, its institutions and its supporters are so easily demonized and so rarely defended beyond the art world that we should reasonably expect this batch of Breitbart-backed, family values-pandering, fear-mongering conservatives to come for us with knives sharpened.

For those that believed that eight years of a black president and advances in racial and gender equality meant that the culture wars were coming to a close, think again. To riff on the gist of curator Nato Thompson’s remarkably timely book Culture as a Weapon, the Trump-victorious alt-right has evidently mastered the use of culture as “a twenty-first century weapon.”

The art world and its allies must fully recognize this now and prepare for the fight.


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