18 Books Every White Ally Should Read / Crystal Paul / www.bustle.com

A great post and reading list from Crystal Paul originally posted on Bustle.com . It is for anyone wanting to call themselves a white ally in the fight against racism in America. The author writes these three paragraphs before she introduces the list of 18 books :

So, you’re here for the Black Lives Matter movement, you protest alongside your friends of color, and you’re ready to call out racist, non-inclusive systems, institutions and people like it’s your job. You’re a white ally and you want to make sure you’re the best darn ally you can be. And, since you’re clearly a book nerd, you’re looking to books that might help you do that.

Well, these books are great for anyone who wants to understand the state of the U.S. today, the history that’s made it so, and the great diversity of experiences and issues that we should all give a damn about. Still, being a good ally to any movement means knowing your stuff about whatever movement you’re supporting. Being a white ally to movements concerning race means having to also look at issues around being white, issues like privilege and the legacy of racism in the U.S. and European colonization… issues that, admittedly, might sting a little. But no one ever said this ally business would be easy.

If you really want support the cause, it’s time check your privilege and get a better idea of where both you and the people you support are coming from, now and historically. Books are only one part of the equation, of course, but they’re an important part. So, keep outraged and read on.

18 Books Every White Ally Should Read | Bustle






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