My Relaunched Poetry Site



I would like to invite everyone who may be interested to visit my newly relaunched poetry site Johnny’s House of Poetry at . My poetry is at times raw, bombastic, blasphemous, sexy, seductive, political, courageous and inspirational. I write it to be read by anyone who is trying to break free of whatever it is in this life that holds them down. Through my words and images I try to convey the fact that we were all born free and autonomous and deserve to be treated as such regardless of our skin color, nationality, gender, age, ability  or sexual orientation. The subject matter in my poems ranges from the  Big Five – Love, Sex, Death,God and Revenge to America, racism, sexism, dysfunction, good vs evil and everything in between. I  am aware that it won’t be for everyone, but it also my hope that it will possibly speak to a precious few kindred and possibly help them through their daily journeys.

Peace and Love,



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