How to Beat Writer’s Block – The New Yorker

I have always found when I experience the phenomenon known as “writer’s block”, its usually because my writing is taking me to a place within my psyche where my pain or embarrassment lives. For me, it is a self defense mechanism.This article from Maria Konnikova is a good read on the subject. My favorite quote from the article concerns her suggestion to writers on how to free one self’s from its effects. To beat it she advises  :

 It’s useful to escape from external and internal judgment—by writing, for instance, in a dream diary, which you know will never be read—even if it’s only for a brief period. Such escapes allow writers to find comfort in the face of uncertainty; they give writers’ minds the freedom to imagine, even if the things they imagine seem ludicrous, unimportant, and unrelated to any writing project.

In the end, what the writer and the studies show is that nemesis known as writer’s block is beatable.

Source: How to Beat Writer’s Block – The New Yorker


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