In Case You Were Wondering Where I Have Been, I Have Been Dreaming


“We know how the world is today. Fashion makes people dream—this is the service fashion gives. ” – Stefano Gabbana

WordPress tells me its been 12 days since I last posted to this site and this is an unfortunate oversight on my part – but I can explain. Since the beginning of fashion month in New York on February 10th and the showing of the Fall collections, I have been lost in reverie in the dream scape that is the fashion world. My collective imagination and consciousness,  after leaving my hometown and making stops in London and Milan, is now in Paris until March 9th and I am in creative heaven. The designers and their creations serve as inspirations for my own creative endeavors (my writing and photography) and the models who walk the runways serve as living and breathing personifications of the Muses to me, causing me to furiously jot down and record the lines of  poetry and the endless myriad of story ideas that they always inspire. The slide show below is but a small sampling of the ceaseless beauty and elegance that I never tire of taking in. Please feel free to check out my fashion blog, For the Love of Fashion  ,where I have been spending most of my blogging time. On it I detail my favorite shows of the season and also post some of my favorite current articles concerning the fashion world. Until next week – don’t wake me… I’m dreaming…:)

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