Vision Moments

Photograph by John Michael Antonio

Somewhere between your dreams and your dogged pursuit of them to make them real are moments of clarity of purpose aka vision moments.Vision moments will sustain you when it seems like your work towards your goal has stalled. They will remind you that the vision is always bigger than you are and that hard work is always required and that a sense of perseverance is the best trait that you can possess.They will carry you past “the now”and those negative bastards who relish in momentary victories and those who harangue you with their rancor and ridicule. They will sustain you through your brutal and lonely winters of discontent and disbelief because they are always about achieving permanent victory and triumph. Everybody talks about their dreams, but only a precious few ever have the courage and fortitude to try to make them come true. Cling to your vision moments, brothers and sisters and fellow dream warriors, because they are priceless.


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