Writing Gives My Life Purpose





From my notebooks, dated 12-12-90 :

Writing gives my life purpose.It makes everything I’ve been through seem worthwhile. It gives it meaning. It makes it look like I’ve reached this point for a reason.


Upon rereading this entry from my notebooks , I am struck by two things – the spiritual nature of this entry and my skepticism of myself. This is remarkable to me now, I guess, because if anything my feelings expressed in these sentences have only grown stronger over the years. If I permit myself to think of these thoughts as saplings in 1990, in 2016 they are , by the same token, oak trees of a behemoth nature. If I was going to rewrite it for my mindset today, in short, I would drop the skepticism. I would rewrite it like this :

Writing gives my life purpose. It makes everything I’ve been through meaningful because everything I have ever experienced is now source material for me to draw upon as I tell the story of my life. I have reached this point in my life for this very reason – to tell my story.

While I stop short of calling writing a religion, I will say that it is a  calling to a way of life- one that I have answered and will answer every single day for the the rest of my life.


2 thoughts on “Writing Gives My Life Purpose

  1. So true! Writing makes it so that nothing we have experienced is a waste, even the trials and heartbreaks. Thank you for sharing! You might be interested in our latest blog called “18 Words to Replace When Writing.” Check it out and let us know what you think!

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