In Defense of Balmain / The Fashion Law /

In Defense of Balmain — The Fashion Law


Brilliant piece from last November from The Fashion Law website about the significance of the fashion house Balmain and its creative director Oliver Rousteing. My favorite part, which I think goes a long way in describing the current state of fashion :

If there is one thing that Rousteing understands, it is the ethos of the millennial youth culture. He seems to understand that right now, their allegiances are not necessarily with fashion. They are with celebrity. They are also with cheap, trendy clothes and accessories posing as fashion. Magazines and fashion houses firmly rely on celebrities to drive sales, and the consuming public has begun to care less about the fashion than the celebrities themselves. They do not seem to know the difference between clothing and fashion, or better yet, they do not seem to care. Their social media feeds dictate their opinions, and social media is where Rousteing does his best work.



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