My Poetry : Those Wild Nights



This poem was inspired partially by Emily Dickinson and her poem “Wild nights-Wild nights!” and partially by some of my personal experiences while living in Florida. In the poem, I am trying to convey the euphoric feeling and dream-like state that occurs when you become so intimate with another person that you feel like the relationship between you and the other person is invincible. I am also trying to capture the sense of immortality that comes along with these sensations.

My poem :


Those Wild Nights

Those nights,

Those wild,wild nights

My head on your naked stomach

Feeling how beautiful breath is

While you thought to read poetry to me

Emily sweet Emily , patron saint

Of all those with unfulfilled dreams

Falling sweetly from your lips

Kissing my ears

Making me love you harder

Riding every heave of your frame

Until I was a million miles away lying

With you on a soft beach at midnight

Barefoot against the waves

Hands entangled counting the stars

Like they were our own…


3 thoughts on “My Poetry : Those Wild Nights

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