As a New Year Dawns, So Do New Possibilities

The Gates of Dawn, Herbert James Draper 1900
The Gates of Dawn, Herbert James Draper (1900 )

As this new calendar year called 2016 dawns, I am laser focused on what I have right now in my possession. Not what I had in the immutable past or what I will have in the unpredictable future, but on what I have right now in this beautiful present moment of time. It is precious beyond measure and I must guard it with all diligence. I am not referring to anything material, the “it” that I referring to is my unbridled and unapologetic optimism. I would be lying if I said I have always had it.It has been a long ,arduous journey for me to reach this mindset. There has been a lot of emotional bloodletting along the way and it is my personal declaration that I will not let the negativity of society or individuals crush it or destroy it. My dreams are so close now they are palpable  and touchable and there is no room in my life right now for ANY negativity. I could say that I am going to war with the world but that would be misleading in the sense that it implies that there is still something to be settled. It is settled. I have won. I call myself a positive realist and I will until the day I take my last breath. Because in the end, my kindred spirits, all we have is our breath and what we do with it. I encourage you to breathe in the present and to exhale all negative thoughts. I encourage you , against the backdrop of evaporation, to drink in the moment. Calendars are needed to mark the time, for sure, but never forget they are constructions, made by us, for us. I acknowledge them, even as I see her, this new year,waiting for me. With open arms I embrace her and then smile as I feel the possibilities all refreshed and anew.








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