After a Year Full of Heartbreaking Rain, I Wish I Could Give Everyone a Rainbow

This photograph of a rainbow is courtesy of me and my camera phone.

On the last day of this heart wrenching year, I am not going to revisit or list all of the horrific events that we, as a global village, suffered through in 2015. But, I will say before we get too depressed about the state of our common inhabitance and its seeming inability to bring us closer together as a human race, that it should be noted that Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian philosopher and intellectual who is most associated with the phrase “Global Village”, admitted in an interview that ” it never occurred to him that uniformity and tranquility were the properties of the Global Village.” On the contrary, McLuhan  argued that “the whole concept of a Global Village ensures maximal disagreement on all points because it creates more discontinuity and division and diversity under the increase of the village conditions. The Global Village is far more diverse.” So, while the phenomenon of us all being connected through our instantaneous technology holds the possibility of drawing us all closer together, it also holds the possibility of separating us even further from each other. Hence, while we can grieve together in mass  as a world society over a particularly tragic event like the Paris terrorist attacks, we can simultaneously, as a world society, display an appalling lack of knowledge or compassion over another particularly tragic event  like the Kenyan terrorist attacks. This dichotomy of emotions was but one example from this past year of how us being so intensely connected to each other will sometimes do nothing more but solidify our divisions while highlighting and accentuating old prejudices and misdeeds. The only thing that is clear about all of this at this point, after what we have all been through these past 365 days, is that where we go now as a world is up to us . Either we overcome our differences, or they will overcome us with increasingly painful consequences. On this day, as I am somber and tempered with grief for all of my brothers and sisters on all of the world’s continents suffering the after effects of this most trying year, I try my damnedest to remain positive, even as the storm clouds still churn above our heads. I stand as a man who doesn’t claim to have any answers , just as a man claiming nothing but compassion and empathy for my fellow human beings from all around the globe. In that spirit, it is my sincere ( and maybe naive) hope that peace,love and understanding will make sustainable gains in 2016 all around our fragile planet. If I had but one wish, it would be for us all, as world villagers, to look up to the sky while wearing our rain drenched clothes and for us to embrace the wonderful and miraculous colors of hope, even as we dream of a better place for ourselves and our descendants.


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