So Let Me Begin

The house where I spent a large part of my childhood.
The house where I spent a large part of my childhood. My room was on the top floor facing the street.

So let me begin with this – I can honestly say that one of my biggest faults is the fact that sometimes I have a tendency to over think things. So it has been with the start of this blog, Midnight Confessions, which happens to be my latest attempt at blogging on a regular basis. With this in mind, I have thrown caution to the wind and with this post, have now begun posting on this site. One of the other things I tend to do a lot of (sometimes to a fault as well) is to attach meaning to everything I see or do. And when I say everything, I mean everything. For instance, there is a special significance, I believe, attached to my starting this blog at this particular time of the year. What is the significance, you may ask ? Well , seeing as my birthday is in late August, this is the time of year that I would have been conceived in my mother’s womb. In other words, I know that since my mother neither delivered me prematurely nor late in her pregnancy term, the quirky and random mixing of my mother’s and father’s respective DNA  that eventually lead to me being created, had to have occurred sometime in late December those many years ago. In this vein, this blog will not be like any one of the others that I have created in that its creation is special, just like my being created was special. It will be unique, like I am unique. In it, I will attempt, little by little, piece by piece and post by post, to try to explain and examine my life, from my childhood days to the present day. In short, I will attempt to create a sort of encyclopedic compendium of my existence here on Earth. Following this spirit, I will have the blog live up to its name that I have given it ,by keeping the writing in a mostly confessional and conversational tone. And finally, I will, by sharing my struggles and stories, try to also be inspirational to other creative types and artists like myself. Creative types and artists, to me, are the most precious people in the world because, I believe, we experience the world in different ways than others experience it. It often feels that we tend to be more sensitive and curious than the general population as well – which unfortunately opens us up to being more easily discouraged and distracted by the swirling maelstrom that is life here in the 21st century. Because of all of this, I hope that this blog, ultimately, will also serve as a beacon of hope, light and encouragement for creative types and artists everywhere amidst the sometimes dark and chaotic confusion of this world. It is this chaotic darkness that so often surrounds us and stifles our creative abilities and output as creative types and artists, that I wail against and wage war against every single day .This blog will serve as my personal chronicle of these wars and as such, will double as my creative and artistic journal as well. With all of these goals and all of this work to do, there is no time to waste on my part, so excuse me, my friends and kindred spirits, and let me begin.


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