My Conversation with Spanish Designer Javier Barrio by John Michael Antonio

Spanish fashion designer Javier Barrio
Spanish fashion designer Javier Barrio


Javier Barrio is a Spanish designer and owner of the Javier

Barrio Haute Couture brand. By his own admission, Javier

has been designing with fabrics ” his entire life”. Besides being

a talented and innovative clothing designer, he is a charismatic

interior designer as well. Recently, Javier was nice enough to

take time out of his busy schedule and answer a few questions

for FTLOF. For more information on Javier’s beautiful designs

please visit his website at or his Facebook page at

I am completely responsible for the editing of this conversation

between FTLOF and Javier. Underneath our conversation is a

selection of his designs at recent runway showings of his work as well as

some of his recent ads for his couture line.


FTLOF : Hello Javier. May I ask where were you

born and what was it like growing up there ?

JB : I was born in Pontevedra, a city in northwest Spain.

It is a small town in Spain where life is very quiet. It is

a place that tends to inspire you to create wonderful

things. It belongs to a region known as Galicia where

a lot of Spain’s top designers hail from.


FTLOF : What is your favorite childhood memory ?

JB : My favorite childhood memory is when I lived

in one particular hamlet with my mother and my

cousins. There I ​​enjoyed farming, our animals and

tending to our livestock.


FTLOF : What is it that inspires you ?

JB : I am inspired by everything I feel through my

instincts  and in my heart . So basically, everything in

life inspires me. But when I decide to pursue an idea

for a design for my collection, I think of the blue coast

of France in the Thirties.


FTLOF : Would you say that there is a single person

who inspires you ?

JB : Yes. My mother even though she died when I was

22, I feel like she still lives inside of me.


FTLOF : At what point in your life did you know

that you wanted to be a designer ?

JB : I have always wanted to be a designer. I started

designing with fabrics when I was fourteen years old

while working for a family business. Over time, I started

going shopping with my friends and gave them advice

about fabrics and clothes. All the while, I always enjoyed

designing anything from a fabric or a garment. I have also

always loved interior design.


FTLOF : What do you think sets you apart as a designer ?

JB : I consider myself an innovator because I combine

luxurious and decoration fabrics with my sense of fashion.

I also mix a sense of sophistication and Baroque styles with

my own personal tastes. I let my heart and not any current

trends, guide the creation of my designs.


FTLOF : Who are your favorite designers ?

JB : Elie Saab and Valentino.


FTLOF : Do you have any thoughts on the state of the

Fashion industry or on where it is headed ?

JB : I think I see it headed a couple of different ways. I think

we will see more of the notion that there will be brands that

appeal specifically to the luxury market and other brands

that will specifically appeal to the lower ends of the fashion market.


FTLOF : What do you hope to achieve through your work / designs ?

JB : I would eventually love to have 10 stores selling my designs

worldwide. All of my stores would show and give my customers

a fresh, new customized shopping experience.


FTLOF : Oscar de la Renta once said ” Fashion is about dressing

according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

Do you agree or disagree with this statement ?

JB : I totally agree. Like I told you, I believe in trusting your

instincts and going your own way. I believe that this is the secret

to setting yourself apart in the fashion world.


FTLOF : Do you have any advice for someone who is contemplating

becoming a designer ?

JB : Whatever you do, do not be swayed by the dogmas of fashion.

Trust in what you do and trust your own creative tastes.


FTLOF : How do you want to be remembered ?

JB : I want to be remembered as a humble person that fought

to bring his fashion creations to life and also fought for his life and

won… I had cancer fifteen years ago and I am a survivor !
































































































(6) Javier Barrio Rey

































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