My Conversation with French Designer Candice Forrer by John Michael Antonio



French Designer Candice Forrer


Candice Forrer is a French designer who founded the clothing brand

Level Off, a Summer Ready to Wear line, in 2013. Recently, she was

nice enough to take time out of her busy schedule and answer a few

questions for For the Love of Fashion.  I am responsible for all of the questions and

the editing in  this conversation. For more information on Candice

Forrer’s beautiful and bold designs featured in her brand , Level Off

Clothing, please visit her website at 

and Level Off’s Facebook page at  .

A selection of her beautiful creations are posted below our conversation.


My Conversation with Candice Forrer


FTLOF : Hello Candice. May I ask what part of the world you are from ?

 CF : I come from  France, but I have lived in many places. I was born in

Strasbourg , France and I lived in St. Tropez, France for three years.


FTLOF :  What is your favorite childhood memory ?

CF : Holidays spent in the south of France with my family, that is the one memory

that really sticks in my mind.


FTLOF :  At what point in your life did you know you wanted to be a designer ?

 CF :  As a child, my mother owned a number of shops that sold clothing and

jewelry and I used to accompany her when she would buy for the shops

and when she would go to the trade shows in Paris. When I lived in Saint

Tropez, I was lucky enough to meet and spend time with a number of

successful entrepreneurs who sold clothing all around the world.  After

showing my drawings to these entrepreneurs , they encouraged me to

go into business for myself . And it was at that moment,  that I decided

to work on assembling the ideas that would lead me to launching Level Off.


FTLOF : What would you say inspires you ?

CF :  I  would say that inspiration is all around me. I love the colors
I see all around me. For me they are really important because my brand,
Level Off,  is a Ready to Wear brand consisting entirely of summer clothes.
 It is hard to really explain what inspires me because it is difficult to limit
it to just one thing. If I spend time in the garden or the market or a car, or
if I go on a Holiday trip, different inspirations come to me. Fresh styles for
my designs come to me all the time. Like I said, inspiration is everywhere.
FTLOF : Is there any one person who inspires you ?
CF :  No
FTLOF : Do you have a favorite designer ?
CF : I love a lot of designers. I love Leonard for his prints, for classic smoking,
I love  Yves Saint Laurent,  I love Cloé and I love Zanotti when it comes to shoes.
I love mixing classic looks with original and different  colors.
FTLOF : Of all the recent major runway shows that just recently ended in New York,
Paris, London and Milan did you have a favorite collection by one designer ?
CF : No! Let me explain. I like diversity. I can make my own choices. Everything is
not white or black! Everything is necessary. I do not try to look like anybody else.
I  do not have a membership in a particular group, nor do I have a favorite singer.
I love the assortment of  personalities the world offers. I love people of character.
I do not limit myself to one collection or designer.
FTLOF : The motto for your brand Level Off  is ” Authorization to Dream ” . Could you
tell us how you come up with that ?
CF : Yes. My motto ” Authorization to Dream” is a play on words, if you will,
because the logo is a French Rosette with the wings which suggests air travel
and “Level Off ” , the name of my brand, is an aeronautical term. I want to sell
my brand in different countries and all the items are made in France. I am French
and I sell a French product and it is very important to me that my logo and
motto reflects that and reflect the fact that I want to sell my clothing to women
all around the world.
FTLOF : Do you think that this phrase will speak to women all around the world ?
CF : Yes, I think it will.
FTLOF : What advice would you give to a young designer trying to get into the industry ?
CF : I don’t give advice. Each person is the master of their own life,
their own decisions and their own failures. You should not
be slowed down by taking advice from another. Each person
needs to know their own failures to move forward and each
person’s story is completely different. All I shall tell you if you
ask me for advice is just that everyone has the authorization to dream!












































































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