Tips & Tricks: Legs for Days

This is a nice blog post from Alessandra Ambrosio’s blog….

Tips & Tricks - Longer Legs

We know, we know. It’s a universal truth that every woman wants longer legs. The way you dress also plays a huge role on how you look. Fashion is magic and magic is all about illusions. So thankfully, even if you weren’t as genetically blessed as superstar Alessandra Ambrosio in that department, you can fake long, lean pins with these clever styling tips and tricks below… No crazy, painful surgeries required! The right color and style can make you look taller and thinner and will compliment the workouts you’ve been doing at the gym.

Alessandra Ambrosio - white dress + nude heels
Nude heels –
I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s tried and true. A good pair of nudes makes it harder to tell where your legs end and your foot begins. Find one closest to your skin tone for best results. Bonus: a pointed toe also elongates your feet, therefore adding to the illusion of…

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