Beyonce’s Pretty Waves & Red Lips In Garden — Gorgeous

Beyonce looking fantastic and stylish, as usual….:)

Hollywood Life

Beyonce looked extremely happy — and extremely gorgeous — in a pic she posted on July 14! Her ever-changing hair looked amazing — we love her gorgeous, long, wavy locks. And the red lipstick framing her bright smile has to be the best shade she has worn!

Taking a break from of her On The Run tour, Beyonce, 32, shared photos of her morning spent smiling in a beautiful secret garden on Instagram on July 14. Even on a day off, Queen Bey looked glamorous! How does she do it? Beyonce is always up to date with the latest styles, so we know you are dying to get Beyonce’s long beautiful waves, and we are here to help. Read below to find out how YOU can get Beyonce’s effortlessly waves and makeup look on yourself.

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