Acid coke / NAMFLEG


Acid coke.


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  1. fkamara says:

    Reblogged this on Lollipops and Longchamps and commented:
    This dress is to die for! I’m really into full skirts and this dress is the perfect combination of sophisticated, modern and sexy all at the same time. Where can I buy this dress (and shoes)?

    1. michelangelo says:

      Hello…to answer your question…I reblogged it from the Acid coke blog….at …..I believe there is information on it telling you where you can buy the clothes on that particular blog….

      1. fkamara says:

        Thanks for letting me know! I just checked and there is information about the outfit.

      2. michelangelo says:

        You are welcome my friend….Happy shopping !!!!!…I love your blog…:)

      3. fkamara says:

        Thank you! I love reading your blog as well, good luck!

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