Vintage Inspiration for the Modern Woman

I love this well written post about finding fashion inspiration in vintage movies…

The Fashion Fraud

Well, it’s late on a Sunday night and I got to thinking, what’s better than a vintage movie marathon on the weekends? Nothing! For those of you thinking that every vintage movie is boring, elongated, and black and white…you’re wrong. Vintage movies are the first place I go when I’m in need of a good laugh, some classic music, and above all, amazing fashion. To save you all the trouble of fishing through poorly put together films, and anything dreadfully boring, I’ve put together a list of my favorite vintage films.

1. Mame

This one is for all of the I Love Lucy lovers. Lucille Ball is spectacular in this movie, and who knew she had such a great voice? Mame is a 1974 musical film based on the 1966 Broadway musical as well as the 1955 novel. The whole movie follows Mame Dennis (played by Ball) and her extremely…

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