Old Hollywood is the New Hollywood

This is a nice post about the past and present of Hollywood fashion….

The Fashion Fraud

Old Hollywood is the New Hollywood
The women of 2014 are acing the classic Hollywood look.
Carmen Hamlett July 2, 2014
Actresses became much more prominent during the Golden Age. Business was booming and technology was constantly evolving. The roaring 20s undoubtedly kick started new lives for women, but it was truly the 40s and 50s that changed everything. Once silent movies were out, talking pictures were in. It came to be a much more pristine and modern time. Women were praised, they started working hard, and they were getting paid big money for it. But above all the movies, music, and money, it was a huge era of fashion for women. The new fashions were in fact designed to cater to working women. Classic silhouettes, fur coats, red lips, and curled hair were all the rage. These fashions were more than fashions though, they represented an entirely new time…

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